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We list sources for thousands of different medicines in our directories, and share information as consumers concerning the reliability of those pharmacies.  We are not a pharmacy, and do not sell any drugs.  We provide the information you need to contact the pharmacies on your own behalf, and the tools you need to become a smarter consumer of online pharmaceuticals.


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Prescription Medicine from International Pharmacies *** Foreign, Overseas and U.S. Drugstores Online

Mail Order Pharmaceuticals - No Prescription Required!

Feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions we haven't answered here, but remember - we don't sell the drugs, and cannot give medical or legal advice. 

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You will need to contact the individual pharmacies listed on  our members-only site for further product information and prices.

  • You must be legally considered an adult and be at least 18 years old (or 21 in some jurisdictions). Please read the "Terms and Conditions" before signing up.

You should know that ordering medicine this way isn't for everyone!  Orders take 2 to 6 weeks to arrive from another country by regular air mail, and regular air mail is the method preferred by most pharmacies, because it is less closely scrutinized by customs.  Planning well in advance is important when ordering this way.  Most pharmacies will warn you there is a small, but very real, risk of your order being stopped by customs and not sent on to you. You should know a pharmacy's replacement policy before ordering.

We at International Pharmacies believe that adults have a right to make their own choices about what is best for them in every area of their lives - including health care.  Many responsible adults in many countries find it difficult to get medications they really need at prices they can afford.  We think this is wrong.  Our members are not recreational users.  We order this way due to availability, price, convenience, and in many cases lack of medical insurance.  We don't want others to make rules to protect us from ourselves.  We think we are perfectly capable of making intelligent choices about these and many other matters on our own.  Preserving our freedom is very important to us.


The writers of this site assume no liability for any information contained herein. This site contains no medical or legal advice. Such advice should be obtained from licensed professionals in the medical and/or legal fields.  We do not encourage, promote or advocate in any way the illegal use of drugs; nor do we intend to induce or persuade anyone to possess or use any drug illegally. The information about obtaining prescription medication is for informational purposes only.  The information on this site should not be used to replace the advice of qualified medical professionals.

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Are Offshore Drugs Dangerous?  Click here to see what the Life Extension Foundation has to say.

Visit these links to learn more about the regulations concerning the importation of pharmaceuticals for personal use:

Importing Goods for Personal Use 
Information on Importation of Drugs Prepared by the Division of Import Operations and Policy, FDA


CLICK HERE to suggest a pharmacy you think should be included as a source on our members-only site.

If you have an honest, reliable pharmacy and would like to be listed in our directory please CLICK HERE to let us know.  We'll add your information in our next update.  Thank you in advance for meeting the needs of our members!  You will find that our members are mature, pleasant to do business with and have very legitimate needs for the medicine they seek.  We share your information the way YOU want it to be shared.  As a group we have grown together over many years and we know the challenges that international pharmacies face when doing business abroad.  We are loyal to our members and to the pharmacies who meet our needs.  We understand that we are all in this together.  There are sources and buyers who can be absolutely trusted and our goal is to bring them together.

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