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  We list sources for thousands of different medicines in our directories, and share information as consumers concerning the reliability of those pharmacies.  We are not a pharmacy, and do not sell any drugs.  We provide the information you need to contact the pharmacies on your own behalf, and the tools you need to become a smarter consumer of these products.


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Heart/Cardiovascular Medicine from International and Online Pharmacies - Foreign and Overseas Drug Sources

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Advocates for less expensive drugs say reputable foreign pharmacies can safely save consumers a tremendous amount of money, even when shipping costs are considered.

Click the code numbers below for some examples of the heart-cardiovascular medicine selections and prices available from some of the pharmacies listed in our members area:
204, 217, 248

Some citizens in America and other countries find themselves having to choose between necessities like food, utilities, etc.. and the medicine they so desperately need to improve the quality and length of their lives.  Things shouldn't be this way, but they ARE.  Because of this, exploring global options has become very common.  Some of our members signup for help with their own medicine, and others signup to help loved ones.  With the information provided on our site you won't have to learn the ropes on your own.  We work together as a group to help each other avoid scams (so many are out there!!), and determine which pharmacies are the most reliable for the medicines we need.

The tools provided on our site help us make better choices about the pharmacies we order from.  In addition to an exhaustive list of international and online pharmacies, we also provide a ranking system, polls, message boards, and much more.

We hope you will consider joining us!

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