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Preserving Our Freedom

The net provides many easy ways for us to be active and make a difference even if we've never been politically active before.  I cannot think of a more important cause than protecting our personal freedom.

Register to Vote in the US!
Use the ACLU's National Freedom Scorecard to learn how your elected officials are voting on issues that concern our freedom.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Visit and sign up for their email action alerts.  These alerts keep you updated on what's happening concerning our freedom, and when necessary provides a site for sending a free fax with just 2 clicks to your representatives. Just excellent!  This is what I mean about it being easier than ever to make your voice heard.
Quick links to identify and contact your federal and state elected officials.  Register to Vote,  Issues and Action, Agencies, and MUCH MORE.

United States Senate
Senators, committees, legislative activities, learning about the Senate, visiting the Senate, contacting the Senate, and search.

The Drug Policy Alliance
The PDF is an independent, non-profit organization that publicizes alternatives to the failing "War on Drugs."   You should visit, and subscribe to their newsletter that keeps you updated on the issues related to this important subject.  You can also sign up to receive email alerts that will tell you when it's necessary to act, and how.

Global Internet Liberty Campaign

Internet Free Expression Alliance

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Media Awareness Project (MAP)
The first of their many important objectives is to "encourage discussion and debate on the subject of drug policy throughout the country with emphasis on major population centers". Visit to learn how you can help.

Is ordering medicine from outside the U.S. dangerous??

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